Yuriy Sychov-Hlazun. Biography

Yuriy Sychov-Hlazun was born in 1957 in Lviv. He graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts in 1985. He dedicated his creative work to painting and graphic arts. He is a member of international art meetings and numerous communal and personal exhibitions in Ukraine and Poland. He has been a member of The Union of Polish Artists and Sculptures.

His art work is multifaceted; it is arranged in different styles which include landscape, portray, symbolic and genre composition. His picturesque art works are permeated with deep philosophical meditation about the sense of a human being and his place and personality in society. Balancing at the edge of fantasy and quiet contemplation, the artist is creating surrealistic composition that are full of symbols. Anyone should be able to find a clue towards the comprehension of these symbols by looking inside himself.

In addition to the philosophical themes in these art works, in virtually every piece of work Yuriy paints picturesque landscapes and psychological portraits that reflect impressionist, emotional experience and nuances, and even the slightest of changes in poetic conditions of human and nature.

The works of Yuriy are in private collections in Ukraine, the USA. Austria, France, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Canada and Israel.


+38 098 26 21 045 (ua); +48 504 653 247 (pl)



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